Sports Hall Athletics League (Under 11s)

Dear Parent/Athlete,

IMPORTANT NOTICE: First fixture is THIS SATURDAY 17TH OCTOBER (2pm-5.30pm)

The first of the clubs Sporthall Athletics League is nearly upon us. Please find below details for the events. If we all make ourselves available we could do extremely well! It will be great to get a team out and make a mark! We can only select 10 so when I have all the names in, I will notify those who have been selected on Wednesday evening.

Please complete the form below and return to me ASAP – Oct 14th at the latest.

I _________ would like to take part in the following fixtures: (please tick or x)

[  ]  Sportshall league Hermitage Leisure Centre Fixture 1: OCTOBER 17TH
[  ]  Sportshall athletics League Fixture 2: November 21st
[  ]  Sportshall athletics League Fixture 3: December 12th

[  ]  I can offer _____ people transport
[  ]  I will need transport

If you could help out on the day please let us know by ticking the box. It involves general duties and you will find it is quite fun too!

Signed ______________ (parent/guardian)


Event Details

Sports Hall Athletics Under 11s: at least age 9 on competition day and under 11 at midnight 31st Aug/1st Sept 2015

Please note all athletes will need to have a club vest (£15 from Wayne)