North Mids XC 1 – Markeaton Park, Derby

The first North Midlands league fixture brought many positives. It is always a risk when you are introducing new athletes to club competition as it’s difficult to assess the competition and the state of readiness of the new athletes to tackle the challenge. When all is said and done, people have to get on with it and make a start somewhere. And, if they are committed enough they will keep plugging away; though we do like to make sure there are some levels of success they can take from the event. This is why the U11s squad and our U13s were something of a revelation. Those who travelled all ran with great commitment and the wider club were thrilled at both their efforts and their support of other, older, members of the team. Some of our seniors commented on the support they were getting from the youngsters and their parents and this contributed to a good family day.

Whilst the accolades must go to Tobi Onanaye (6th), Fred Sanders (24th) and Joe Partridge (31st) who have possibly scored a top 5 team place in the North Midlands (pending the results), everyone played a part in the teams success. When we get the full results we will send you an email outlining where everyone came. Elsewhere we had a strong run from Charlie Combey (U13) just outside the top 20 and will no doubt move closer to the top 15 as the season progresses and we must say how pleased we were with Conor Serdeczny and Lauren Douglas. Conor had missed some training and took the trouble to come up early and stay all afternoon to support. He battled on despite having lost some fitness through injury and hasn’t been running long. Fantastic also was the guts and determination of Lauren Douglas, our only U13 girl, in her first race with the club. She ran very well against top opposition. She was full of smiles at the end and was very mature in undertaking the challenge the race presented. Well done to all!

However it wasn’t without hitch. Desperately unfortunate was the fact that three of our runners were not allowed to run – Phoebe, Archie and Evie. All were a few weeks/months short of their 9th birthday and we messed up a bit here I’m afraid. Initially it was stated that youngsters should be aged 9 but on a later notice we said age 8 is the ruling (though we couldn’t find any information at all on the North Mids website). This meant a wasted journey. So our apologies to these three. No training fees for these three for the rest of the month to help pay for the wasted petrol!

Best performance of the day was a toss up between Chris McMillan in the Senior Men’s (23rd) and a great win from Tom Corby in the U17. A win is a win, so I think maybe Tom just shaved it. Both looked in decent shape early season.

It was great also to see quite a few parents there lending their support. It was good for you to have a chance at seeing the club from a wider perspective. Given that we operate over four bases it is nice that we all came together.

More info regarding results to follow – full results can be found at

(Originally written by Wayne and Sandy – edited and borrowed by Tom)